Gain the practical skills and confidence needed to act fast in an emergency.

Being responsible for children’s well-being, whether at work or in voluntary and community activities, is a big responsibility. Our First Aid courses offer hands-on, friendly training suited to your needs and teach you everything you need to know to stay calm and competent in a crisis.

Even minor injuries can cause distress. The ability to calmly treat shock and effectively treat cuts and grazes greatly reduces a patient’s discomfort and anxiety. You might even save them a trip to the hospital.

Hopefully, the worst won’t happen. But if it does, the ability to act fast can save lives.

Our SYFA Approved Sports Injury course gives coaches and responsible adults the skills and confidence to help someone in an emergency.

a picture of a football player being administered first aid training by an AYFA approved provider

Did you know?

Our course helps you:

Plus many more helpful skills to keep yourself and the people in your care safe.

Football accounts for the most injuries in youth sport

Football is high contact and high energy. It also plays a key role in developing children’s confidence and overall physical and mental health. Like any sport football comes with the risk of injury. The important thing is knowing how to deal with injuries quickly and competently.

The most common injuries in youth football are muscle strains and sprains alongside minor cuts and bruises. Occasionally more serious injuries like concussions and broken bones can happen.

A good youth football coach limits injuries as much as possible by teaching children the importance of warm-up exercises and not placing too much strain on developing muscles. Knowledge of First Aid is another vital skill that keeps everyone safe.

First Aid training helps youth sport coaches:

Scottish Youth Football Association Club Licensing requires clubs to have at least one person on the touchline with SYFA Approved First Aid training.

This includes:

In a high-contact sport like football, First Aid training gives coaches the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence to keep young players safe while enjoying sport.

Level-up your skills today with our SYFA-approved Sports Injury Course.

What our SYFA approved course covers

During this 2-day course sports coaches develop the skills and knowledge needed to deal with a range of emergency first aid situations.

We cover:

How our First Course is assessed

We work according to the standards outlined by SYFA.

Our course takes 2 days to complete with a mix of practical work, theoretical classroom work, and a final practical assessment.

You must meet the assessment criteria in each unit to gain your certification. We also take private bookings tailored to your needs.

Pre-season is about to kick-off — are you ready?

August marks the start of a new season for grassroots youth football in Scotland. Make First Aid training part of your preparations with our SYFA Approved Sports Injury course.

Despite best efforts accidents still happen. We always say it’s better to be prepared and never have to use First Aid than to feel helpless in an emergency.

Dundee First Aid Training’s SYFA Approved Sports Injury Course

QA Level 2 Award in Activity First Aid (RQF)

What our course costs:
What you get:

Our first aid experts

James Russell

James has delivered CPR training since 2005 and became an official instructor in 2015. James gained critical experience as a lifeguard before deciding that teaching First Aid was his calling.

After a stint as a firefighter with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service he formed Dundee First Aid Training with Chris to help people across Dundee and Angus develop life-saving skills.

Chris Stewart

Chris worked as a lifeguard from 16 and became a National Pool Lifeguard Trainer in 2010. After a few years of delivering lifeguard training for Dundee City Council and gaining his Gym Instructor certification, Chris gained qualifications in First Aid training.

In 2022 he launched Dundee First Aid Training with James where his balance of professionalism and humour makes learning First Aid enjoyable.

Areas we cover

We deliver First Aid Sports Injury training to youth football clubs across Dundee and Angus. 

This includes youth football clubs in Dundee, Fife, Kinross, and Perthshire.


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James Russell

Hey there, welcome aboard! I’m James, the co-captain of the Dundee First Aid Training ship.

So, a bit about me: I’ve been knee-deep in bandages and CPR since 2005, officially donning the instructor hat in 2015. Started off as a lifeguard, making sure everyone stayed afloat, then decided teaching folks first aid was my calling.

In 2019, I bravely traded my lifeguard whistle for a firefighter’s helmet, now fighting fires instead of waves with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

Then, in a stroke of genius (or madness), Chris and I teamed up to launch Dundee First Aid Training in 2022. Turns out, we’re not half bad at it, helping Dundonians stay safe and sound.

Now, when I’m not saving lives or teaching others how to, you’ll find me chasing after a football or reluctantly dragging myself to the gym. Oh, and at home, I’ve got Carly, my partner in crime, and our tornado of a daughter, Ruby (aka Captain Chaos). And let’s not forget about Ben, my grown-up sidekick!

Here’s a little nugget of wisdom before I go: Remember, it’s always better to be prepared and never have to use it. So, why wait? Get yourself booked in and let’s have a laugh while we learn to save the day!