Dundee First Aid Training is an accredited training provider based in Dundee, Scotland, authorised to deliver SQA Ofqual regulated First Aid training courses. Our approval from Qualsafe Awards underscores our dedication to providing top-quality first aid training to both businesses and individuals across Scotland.

Our primary objective is to assist individuals and business owners throughout Scotland in safeguarding themselves and their employees by ensuring the presence of trained first aiders within their premises. This enables compliance with HSE guidelines and adherence to the statutory requirements outlined in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1981 regarding First Aid Training.

Additionally, Dundee First Aid Training holds approval from the Scottish Youth Football Association (SYFA) to conduct the Sports Injury First Aid course, essential for coaches affiliated with grassroots football clubs in Scotland.

We specialise in onsite First Aid training, offering the convenience of tailored sessions at your premises. This approach allows us to address specific onsite hazards and accommodate your preferred dates and times, whether it’s a morning, evening, or weekend session, tailored to your requirements.

With extensive experience as both Lifeguards and First Aid Trainers with Dundee City Council for over a decade, James and Chris bring a wealth of expertise to the delivery of all First Aid training courses. Both are currently employed by the Emergency Services, providing real-life experience in handling emergency situations.

At Dundee First Aid Training, we guarantee that all learners will depart feeling confident and well-prepared to address any emergency scenario they may encounter.

Remember, it’s wiser to possess the knowledge and not require it than to face a situation unprepared. Don’t take risks—book with us today to ensure you’re equipped to handle any emergency effectively.

James Russell

Hey there, welcome aboard! I’m James, the co-captain of the Dundee First Aid Training ship.

So, a bit about me: I’ve been knee-deep in bandages and CPR since 2005, officially donning the instructor hat in 2015. Started off as a lifeguard, making sure everyone stayed afloat, then decided teaching folks first aid was my calling.

In 2019, I bravely traded my lifeguard whistle for a firefighter’s helmet, now fighting fires instead of waves with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

Then, in a stroke of genius (or madness), Chris and I teamed up to launch Dundee First Aid Training in 2022. Turns out, we’re not half bad at it, helping Dundonians stay safe and sound.

Now, when I’m not saving lives or teaching others how to, you’ll find me chasing after a football or reluctantly dragging myself to the gym. Oh, and at home, I’ve got Carly, my partner in crime, and our tornado of a daughter, Ruby (aka Captain Chaos). And let’s not forget about Ben, my grown-up sidekick!

Here’s a little nugget of wisdom before I go: Remember, it’s always better to be prepared and never have to use it. So, why wait? Get yourself booked in and let’s have a laugh while we learn to save the day!