Dundee First Aid Training are an accredited training provider based in Dundee, Scotland. We are authorised to deliver SQA Ofqual regulated first aid training courses.

About Us


Our mission is to assist individuals and business proprietors throughout Scotland in safeguarding themselves and their employees through the presence of trained first aiders within their establishments. This ensures compliance with HSE guidelines and fulfils the statutory obligations outlined in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1981 pertaining to First Aid Training.

Dundee First Aid Training are proud to be the main shirt sponsors for both Dundee West and Dryburgh Athletic 2013's football teams


SYFA Approved Sports Injury Course
Level 2 Award in Activity First Aid (RQF)
Paediatric First Aid (RQF)
Level 3
Emergency Paediatric First Aid (RQF)
Level 3
Emergency First Aid at Work (RQF)
Level 3
Combined Emergency First Aid at Work and Emergency Paediatric First Aid
Level 3
First Aid at Work (RQF)
Level 3

Our Experts


James Russell

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Chris Stewart

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James Russell

Hey there, welcome aboard! I’m James, the co-captain of the Dundee First Aid Training ship.

So, a bit about me: I’ve been knee-deep in bandages and CPR since 2005, officially donning the instructor hat in 2015. Started off as a lifeguard, making sure everyone stayed afloat, then decided teaching folks first aid was my calling.

In 2019, I bravely traded my lifeguard whistle for a firefighter’s helmet, now fighting fires instead of waves with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

Then, in a stroke of genius (or madness), Chris and I teamed up to launch Dundee First Aid Training in 2022. Turns out, we’re not half bad at it, helping Dundonians stay safe and sound.

Now, when I’m not saving lives or teaching others how to, you’ll find me chasing after a football or reluctantly dragging myself to the gym. Oh, and at home, I’ve got Carly, my partner in crime, and our tornado of a daughter, Ruby (aka Captain Chaos). And let’s not forget about Ben, my grown-up sidekick!

Here’s a little nugget of wisdom before I go: Remember, it’s always better to be prepared and never have to use it. So, why wait? Get yourself booked in and let’s have a laugh while we learn to save the day!

Chris Stewart

Back in the ancient times of July 2003, at a tender age of 16, I proudly snagged the title of National Pool Lifeguard. Yup, passed all the first aid and water-based tests right after bidding adieu to school. Who knew this aquatic adventure would kickstart a decade-long odyssey in the leisure biz, leading me to helm the ship at Dundee First Aid Training?

Fast forward to 2010, and I’m donning a new hat—National Pool Lifeguard Trainer/Assessor. Picture me, part of this elite squad responsible for whipping new lifeguards into shape and hosting the ultimate staff training extravaganza for the OG lifeguards under Dundee City Council.

But wait, there’s more! In between perfecting my whistle-blowing technique, I snagged a Level 2 Gym Instructor certification. Because why just save lives when you can also pump iron, right?

Then, in 2013, I decided to add a new skill to my repertoire: First Aid Trainer/Assessor extraordinaire. Still chilling with Dundee City Council, I got to spread the gospel of first aid to all corners of the council, armed with my trusty SQA qualification in Planning and Delivering Training Sessions to groups and a slew of other fancy certifications. Oh, and did I mention I’m an AED whisperer? Yep, I teach folks how to talk to those beeping life-saving gadgets like they’re old pals.

And when I’m not busy teaching folks how to save lives or making lifeguards do laps, you can find me on the sidelines coaching my son’s football team, Dundee West 2013’s. Just call me the Sir Alex Ferguson of youth football—or maybe not just yet, I’m still working my way through my coaching badges!

So, if you’re up for a laugh and some top-notch first aid training, come join the fun at Dundee First Aid Training. Trust me, you’ll leave feeling prepared to tackle any emergency situation—and maybe with a few good jokes up your sleeve too!